One year ago on April 24, the Rana Plaza crumbled. As we take a moment of silence to remember the 1,133 people killed, the more than 2,000 injured and those who are still grieving so much loss of life, we also reflect upon and honor those who have gone unnoticed in their fight to be treated fairly and with respect.

Today, on Fashion Revolution Day, we urge you to wake up to the reality facing the fashion industryto consider the global issues surrounding human rights, to understand the impact on our planet and to revisit how we think, shop and buy our clothes. Just like the hashtag associated with this campaign, it's time we truly look at ourselves from the "inside-out" and ask questions to get to know our clothes. After all, isn't what we wear an extension of ourselves?

12 Questions to Ask About Your Clothes #insideout:

1. Who made your clothes?

2. How were your clothes made?

3. What are your clothes made from?

4. Why did you choose to buy these clothes?

5. Do your clothes reflect your values?

6. Which communities benefited in the making of your clothes?

7. What does the brand of your clothes stand for?

8. How do your clothes impact the planet?

9. How do your clothes help make a difference in the people who make them?

10. How can you vote with your dollar when you shop for your clothes?

11. What should you look for the next time you shop for clothes?

12. How can you share what you've discovered about your  clothes with the world?

Let's empower and educate our kids to discover their clothes as they are our global leaders of tomorrow.

Together, We're Wearin' the World.