Climate Ride
Climate Ride

As the holiday season approaches and we become more aware of all that we have to be thankful for, that gratitude inspires generosity in many of us. This season, we hope you’ll consider putting that generosity toward an organization that reinforces our global connections to people and planet: Climate Ride.

We are proud partners of Climate Ride, a national event that produces charitable, multi-day bicycle rides and hikes across the country. Participants help provide much-needed financial support, raise awareness, engage other humans, and help to build a national network of supporters for causes they care about. All of the proceeds from the events and donations benefit a collection of environmental and active transportation nonprofits.

Dhana Inc. Founder Shamini Dhana completed the California Climate Ride earlier this year, along with other leaders in sustainability, renewable energy and environmental causes.  

“As a Climate Ride Ambassador, I have grown to understand that what we do every day is about connecting with people and planet,” said Shamini Dhana. “Climate Ride is not a just a ride, it is a Commitment to our Children—to care, show compassion and celebrate our planet. My commitment to our children's future is unshakably strong.”

You can read our blog post documenting Shamini's journey or check out her Climate Ride page to learn more about her experience as a Climate Ride Ambassador.

We would love for you to join us in our support of the movement on climate change, sustainability, and the future of our next generation leaders. Consider completing a Climate Ride or Climate Hike in 2016, or donate to this incredible cause today!