It did not surprise me when I asked TIm Nenninger what he would like to share with kids about Climate Ride. He simply and succinctly responded, "We are all part of nature." That statement kept ringing in my head over and over again. It is similar to the essence of Dhana Inc. Tim, who has led two California Rides and endless bike rides around the globe, got it!

We are here not to reign or rule. We do not own nor do we control much of life on Earth. We are part of the same ecosystem that has sustained us over and over again. To that extent, we are only here for a short time and in that time, we have the opportunity to experience the gifts of nature and to treasure the elements that make it so beautiful.

Climate Ride is all about bringing awareness to our planet, the need to protect our environment and to honor life on Earth. As Tim expresses in this video, we need our planet to be healthy, and so we contribute our time and energy to a cause that values nature. Let's get our kids involved and ensure they understand their part in this world. Kids are curious and intrigued by exploration. Discovery is the first step to connecting kids with nature!