Dear Friends of the Earth,

I hope this note finds you in good health and great spirits. On May 1721, I embark on my third California Climate Ride journey, pedaling over 400 miles down the coast of California.

Climate Ride is a national event that produces charitable multi-day rides across the country. Participants help provide much-needed financial support, raise awareness, engage other humans, and help to build a national network of supporters for causes they care about. Proceeds from the events benefit a collection of environmental and active transportation nonprofits. Participants ride through some of America's most beautiful landscapes to raising awareness of our cause, and are rewarded with the opportunity to meet and network with leaders in sustainability, renewable energy and environmental causes.

As a Climate Ride Ambassador, I have grown to understand that what we do every day is about connecting with people and planet. Climate Ride is not a just a ride, it is a Commitment to our Childrento care, to show compassion, and to celebrate our Planet Earth. My commitment to our children's future is unshakably strong. I know yours is as well; it’s why I know I can count on you for your support.

I'm inviting you to join me on this journey, to support the movement on climate change, sustainability, and the future of our next generation leaders.

Mothers, friends, care givers and people all over the world are coming together to support this important cause:

"I support Climate Ride because their mission and dedication to the environment is amazing! The Ride's focus on raising awareness on sustainability, renewable energy and active transportation is crucial today given climate change, dwindling natural resources and pollution. If you and your family recycle, compost, bike or walk to work and school, install solar panels on your house, replace your thirsty lawn with stone, your community notices and is inspired to engage as well! The Climate Ride is the perfect way to draw attention to how everyone can do their part to protect our planet. " Patti Bigelow, mom and attorney

“I just came back from two weeks of delivering keynote talks in three cities and two countries and what became apparent to me in my travels is that in many large urban cities, we have lost touch with nature. Somehow when it comes to our societal definition of progress, it involves large concrete spaces to house more and more people. The Climate Ride is a great reminder that we need to be more connected to the environment and recognize we are part of nature and that progress means harmony. Your dedication to making a difference in the world with this cause and your day-to-day eco-friendly business inspires me. That’s why I support your amazing leadership." Ayelet Baron, Futurist, Creatingis

Every action has a reaction and yours matters! Please support me in my call to action: visit my homepage for Climate Ride to hear more about my personal journey, and for an opportunity to support me.

Thank you in advance for your commitment, generous time and support - Pedal On!

Best in Life,

Shamini Dhana

Founder and CEO, Dhana Inc.

P.S. If you’d like to drop me a line just to cheer me on, I’d love to hear from you! You can always reach me at