Dhana Inc.'s commitment to connecting people and planet through clothing is one of our core values. We've committed to fair trade practices and sustainable working environments throughout our supply chain. The processes we use in the production of our products are good for society, for the environment and for the people we who are creating them. Dhana’s efforts to reinforce our global connections to people and planet through clothing are evident in our supply chain and partners.


Dhana clothing is manufactured through Mandala Apparels, a social enterprise located in Pondicherry, India, that is dedicated to keeping our clothing and the process of manufacturing sustainable and ethical. A pioneer in the organic apparel sector, Mandala Apparels is committed to creating an enterprise that can provide suitable conditions for an integral development of our environment, society and individuals.

We are proud to showcase the good work that Mandala Apparels does for Dhana, but more than that, we’d like to thank them for their dedication to changing the clothing manufacturing culture for the better.

We have committed to environmental and social responsibility as our core brand values. We rest easy knowing that our partners are as dedicated to ensuring that our products are made with organic cotton and that the safety and well-being of the people making our products are prioritized.