The age old problem that not everyone will be best friends, see eye to eye or enjoy each others company is more common than we think. In fact, moms are often faced with the situation when their good friends have kids and don't play together as they are in different age groups, gender or have varied interests.

This is a challenge that lends itself to a great opportunity in the area of acceptance and respect. According to Shasta Nelson, Founder of, moments like these are exactly when moms need to model and teach kids the difference between being "friendly" and being "friends." Ultimately, these types of situations are beneficial for all parties as it reflects the journey of life and how we have to deal with all sorts of people that we either like or don't care for. Such is the message in today's video that brings home the need to be open-minded, tolerant and value each human being's place on this Earth.

This five-part video series is a collaboration between Dhana Inc. and to discuss a universal challenge facing moms as it relates to friendship, making new friends and the impact on kids.