Societies don’t just change by themselves. Positive change is the cumulative result of individual actions. Dhana Inc. founder and CEO Shamini Dhana will join USA Coordinator for Fashion Revolution Day, Oceana Lott, and Marsela Pecanac, VP of New Resources Bank, to share their personal stories of “Creating Change Through Action” during a symposium presented by the San Francisco Chapter of 85 Broads on Wednesday, April 9, at the New Resources Bank in San Francisco.

The purpose of the discussion is to encourage people to make a difference in the world by choosing to act in ways that lead to positive impact. Specifically, the principles of ethical business and ‘Conscious Consumerism’ will be addressed. These include standing up to fair treatment of workers around the globe; supporting businesses to be a force for positive change; and raising awareness of climate change and other environmental issues in the course of doing business.

85 Broads is a leading professional women’s networking organization committed to the global economic empowerment of women. Shamini Dhana has been a member of 85 Broads since 2011, and is currently President of the San Francisco chapter.

Shamini’s talk will focus on her participation in the upcoming ‘California Climate Ride,’ and how she has been able to help raise awareness about climate change and support sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes by taking part in this annual event.

“I look at Climate Ride as a commitment to do my part every day. Participating in activities like Climate Ride is a reminder to ourselves to use the Earth’s resources responsibly, to celebrate our gifts of nature, and nourish our minds and bodies with the wealth of knowledge from the work being done by amazing nonprofits helping to preserve our planet," she says. "What better way to walk-the-talk for the brand and company I founded.”