On April 24, 2013, 1,133 men, women and children lost their lives when the Rana Plaza garment manufacturing complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. More than 2,500 were injured and at least 800 children orphaned.

This year as we remember the tragedy of Rana Plaza, we remember the workers whose lives were lostand offer our solidarity to those people still suffering as a direct result of our fashion supply chain.

As an Earth-conscious brand for kids we believe that all humans should be treated with respect and given fair treatment in terms of wages, safety, health and well-being. We also believe in taking action to win fair, humane working conditions for everyone in our industry, and to always stand up for compassion for human life.

We urge consumers, people and kids across the globe to show their support for this cause and take action by wearing their clothes #insideout on April 24.

This year, we are joining forces with Fashion Revolution and over a dozen ethical fashion brands to take part in Fashion Revolution Day, a campaign to raise awareness about the need for fair conditions for our workers everywhere in the world.

If you stop and ponder about the #insideout campaign, you’ll realize that it’s about how we treat people and care for the environmentthe things that represent what we value in life. Our actions are a reflection of what is important to us. Let’s take time to celebrate and honor the people along the way.

Together we can make a difference by rethinking the way we shop for clothes, support brands and make conscious choices. Our clothes are a true reflection of the people of this planetwe truly are Wearin’ the World.

For more information on Fashion Revolution, including sobering fashion industry facts and what can be done to improve them, visit FashionRevolutionUSA.org.