Dhana Tribe Presents—Celebrating Our Global Connections to People and Planet
This month Dhana Inc. launched our 'Dhana Tribe Presents' series featuring guest blog posts by people who share their perspectives, travel adventures and personal stories about their connection to the world. As we travel our journey in life, we get glimpses of our common thread among all cultures, our shared feelings about protecting our environment for our future generations and ultimately, our love for nature. Dhana’s mantra is We’re Wearin’ the World™ and just like these stories reflect how we connect with people and planet in life, our clothes also offer us the opportunity to celebrate our global connections.

Velocity of ChangeWhat is our Narrative?
By Victoria Woo, Chief Thriving Officer, Kissaah

We often cannot comprehend the consequences of our own actions, much less digest what we are doing to generations yet to be born. We hear about the drought in California frequently now in media, yet when we open our tap, water flows. A phenomenon, however real, can seem surreal until the moment reality smacks you in the face. That moment happened this weekend.

Over the weekend, we visited Boca Reservoir in Truckee near Lake Tahoe. Walking from what used to be the boat ramp, water was hundreds of meters, perhaps even half a kilometer away. I stood on parched, cracked earth that must have been at least 20 to 30 meters below water when the reservoir was ‘healthy.’ A certain sadness and feeling of being overwhelmed by the severity of the problem engulfed me as we walked around the reservoir on solid ground where water had been, and should still be. The drought is here, and it is terrifying to think about its implications. The dramatic shift of weather patterns around the world today illustrates that changes are always happening, all around us, sometimes imperceptible, until it is dramatic, unimaginable and frightening. Change is indeed a constant. My interest is what we can do—here and now. How do we respond to changes that are happening all around us, and how can we take action to build and sustain a thriving society and community?

There is a widely accepted sentiment that a large and growing segment of the developed world experiences life and work in a more dynamic and less predictable way than ever before. Many people, across a wide spectrum of ages, will engage in frequent transitions throughout their lifetimes. Given that the frequency of change is inevitably going to increase rather than decrease, my work is focused on how to harness the velocity of changes and experience transitions positively.

Kissaah (K' saah) was born out my passion for helping individuals, organizations and communities thrive during times of change. Kissaah is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates into tale, narrative or event. Dramatic events, such as severe changes in our surroundings, may be economic, environmental, political or technological, are drivers of the changes we experience today. Kissaah is a simple concept. It leverages the power of narratives to situate our story and help us find our purpose and meaning amidst this tsunami of changes. By leveraging technology and connectivity, we can help each other build stories, understand our own narratives, as well as change the narrative of the world around us.

In an ideal world, we help each other knit together a collectively imagined future that is consistent with our values. We help each other become part of a society that strives towards a brighter future. Our future essentially rests upon choice and action. And changes present opportunities for us to gain clarity and alignment.

Building wisdom from the crowd, improving our self-awareness and self-knowledge, Kissaah can help spark the beginning of a dialogue that revises the lexicon and expectations of change. Instead of resisting change, one possibility is to embracing change. Engaging in change generates positive knowledge and meaning that is conducive to resolution of conflict, within self, within the community, and within society at large. By harnessing change as a learning platform, we can celebrate it and the opportunities change offers us.

As Benjamin Franklin noted: