I challenge you to not search too far away from your home, perhaps not even too far away from your own self, and for that matter, your own thoughts, to discover something new everyday. What do I mean by that? Just ponder for a while, why not revisit a familiar place, glimpse at a photo from the past, read a book from childhood, reconnect with an old friend, set your eyes on the greenery around you. My challenge to you is to rediscover what you already know. Discover the known. The very minute you think of that someone or something you may already know, when you rediscover it, you realize that its a brand new encounter, feeling, thought and experience.

You see, nothing in life is static. Every moment of every day is a new experience, a new perspective, a new realization and a new way of life. You are changing constantly, and that moment, the senses you use and the basis of experience you relate to, becomes a new encounter.

This is the beauty of lifethe never-ending story of pulses, colors, impression and visualsall changing in one constant flow.

So go out there, see the world. Feel the fog wrap a hug around you. Take in the message found in rock formations, the brilliant stream of sunlight radiating the forest floor and the reflection of water droplets. Watch yourself rediscover what your thoughts, images, impressions and feelings of things that are close to you. Open your mind and you'll be surprised with the outcome!

Some of the greatest moments in life are simply rediscovering what we already haveand know.