Here at Dhana Inc., we are so grateful for the support and education available for eco-friendly businesses like ours. We wanted to take this opportunity to inform our readers about one of the fantastic sustainable organizations that we are certified through, Green America.

Dhana is a Green America Gold Certified sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical business

Formerly Co-op America, Green America is a nonprofit membership organization based in the United States that promotes ethical consumerism, including social justice and environmental sustainability.

They are one of the most trusted green business certification organizations in the U.S., and offer three levels of certification, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Dhana is proud to have achieved Gold certification.

Dhana Awarded Summer 2014 People and Planet Award from Green America

Each year, Green America recognizes businesses for their dedication to a green economy through their The People & Planet Award. They seek out business whose “bottom line includes protecting workers, communities, and the environment.” Dhana is honored to have been awarded the Summer 2014 People & Planet Award by Green America.