Wear With Worth

Our clothing should have meaning to ita sentimental or emotional tie as we purchase our clothing consciously, because it reflects and represents our values, style and persona. Recycle, swap with other people and repurpose clothing.

Observe, Organize, Overhaul

Organize your lifestyle so not only can you wear clothing over and over again, but so that you only need to purchase items when necessary. Be mindful of your conscious choices throughout the year.

Rethink, Reflect, Reach Out

Get curious and reflect on the brands you endorse and include in your wardrobe. What values are these brands expressing and how much are they sharing about what goes on behind the scenes? What is the impact on people and planet? Reach out to the brands via social media and ask: “Who made these clothes?”

When consumers demand this information, the brands will be forced to share the stories and information about their supply chain. Technology will enable transparency.

Love, Live, Like

Love the brands that are making a difference today and support them. Live in those brands and wear their clothes. Like them on social media and promote them.

Disseminate, Distribute and Discover

Disseminate their stories, what you've discovered, and distribute the wealth of information with your friends and networks, so that the movement takes form and has the momentum to change the way we wear our clothes. Share your stories and know that sheer discovery is definitely downright divine.