A few weeks ago, I met Andrew Morgan, a filmmaker working on a new project in response to the Rana Plaza disaster, which claimed over a thousand lives and created a ripple effect in questioning the future of fashion. What captivated me about Andrew Morgan is his deep quest to know the truthhow did we get here and why?

I asked Andrew, a father of four, to reflect on his journey in this interview.

Dhana: As a parent, how would you like this movie to have an impact on the future of our children?

Andrew Morgan: I have always loved the old perspective that we only borrow the earth from our children for a short time. What we do now directly impacts the future. We are standing in a fundamentally new space in history where we can see the impact we are having on people and the planet in real time. So the true question before us now is, in light of this information what kind of world will we choose to create and leave to our children?

Dhana: How have incidents like that of Rana Plaza tragedy impacted you and how you shop for apparel?

Andrew Morgan: Rana Plaza was the event that completely shocked me awake. Up until that time I honestly had no idea of just the extent of the problem we are facing. That event and the tragic loss of life set me on a course of learning that lead me to begin work on this film.

Dhana: What do you hope to discover in your journey of making this documentary, The True Cost?

Andrew Morgan: I hope to learn. This is not a topic I understand fully by any means so this film really is an honest exploration. I hope to learn more about the human effects of big economic ideas in the lives of everyday workers. I hope to encounter the causes and resulting effects of irresponsible care for the planet. After months of learning about these things I am eager to experience them first hand.

Dhana: Do you think consumers have the right to demand from brands transparency in the supply chain and to what extent do you feel information should be shared with the public?

Andrew Morgan: Transparency is the way of the future. Consumers are already demanding more and more from the companies they buy from, but the flip side is they also are strongly reward companies who openly share good supply chains. I believe that trend will continue, again we just have much more access to real time information today than at any other point in our history.

Dhana: Understanding that you are also looking for solutions and ethical brands making a differencehow optimistic are you about the future?

Andrew Morgan: I am very hopeful. We have a long history of opening our eyes to even the most complex problems and creating solutions. As I have been with pioneers and leaders around the world, I see people who are leading us forward in brave and beautiful ways. This is not the beginning; it is simply building to a true tipping point moment. This is a truly remarkable moment, and I believe there is a growing group of committed citizens who will seize it well.

Andrew and I share three things in common: parenthood, purpose and passion. We believe that our kids deserve a better futureone that is built on integrity, trust and justice for all people. We’re driven to make this planet a better place for future generations to come and one that is sustainable.

Andrew’s mission to create a documentary about the “True Cost of Fashion” has started conversations to fundamentally alter how we think, buy and shop for clothes. We believe that every consumer has the ability to vote with their wallets and use their voices to create change.  Collectively, we will impact the lives of millions and that of generations to come by making a difference in the choices we make today. Let’s invest in the future mindfully!

Show your support for Andrew Morgan and make a contribution to our children's future by backing this film project, The True Cost.

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