A strange phenomenon occurred over the course of a month, which made me reflect on how sensitive we are as human beings. I started asking the question, “How deep is our sensitivity and are we capable of extending our sensitivity?"

About a dozen of my friends shared with me their kids' allergies to nuts, gluten, diary, grass and even papayaand if consumed, how they would have a physical reaction that would require medical attention. This type of physical sensitivity to certain foods has grown in the past few years. Then, my six-year-old daughter came to me the other day, and cried saying that her feelings were hurt as she was not invited to play with a group of friends during recess. I totally understood this emotional sensitivity, as adults are similarly made to feel isolated in the real world.

Another time recently, I witnessed the verbal exchange of a couple arguing with each other. Both were sensitive about criticisms made carelessly in reference to the other's livelihood and contribution to society. This was no doubt a classic case of intellectual sensitivity and one that touched the human ego. Finally, a comment was made in a video clip, to reflect how we all have different paths to discover the truth about life and as human beings, we need to be sensitive to these spiritual journeys.

So can we assume that we are capable of being sensitive to every action we take? What if we really do care and make efforts to ensure that our actions resonate with our values? Would we not then have a conscience that would reflect our sensitivity in our day-to-day lives? If so, then I would argue that every action and every choice matters. Even a purchase matters. That we are sensitive to both the cause and effect of any product made.

For those of us who do care about the environment and the people on this planet, we are sensitive to how our purchases impacts the lives of others. And I don’t mean just the contributions made after the sale to communities and preservation of the Earth. I'm referring to the whole supply chain required for a good to be produced, from the farmers to the factory workers. What we as consumers choose does impact the livelihoods and well-being of people around the world. Our every choice reflects our sensitivity.