Meet Sydney and Sasha.

They are kids who care about the environment and love their natural playgroundthe outdoors.

Both girls have come to realize that what you east is as important as what you place on your body. Both can affect your health and also impact the people producing the products. These girls want to know that they have contributed positively to the people making their clothes. They want to know that there were no kids enslaved or forced to make their apparel, that the people were treated and paid fairly and no harm was done to the environment while making their clothes.

Dhana Inc. is proud to be the brand of choice for kids that care about People and Planet. We strive for sustainability and believe that by offering Fair Trade and Organic clothing for kids, we are helping to move the dial toward a more sustainable future.

Let's empower our kidslet's invest in the clothes they wear. Together, We're Wearin' the World!