When asked why I was doing the California Climate Ride this September 9-13, riding over 300 miles down the California Coast in five days and camping in the outdoors, my natural reaction was "Why not?" It seemed like such an amazing opportunity to partake in an activity that combines the five elements I love in life:

  1. To Be in Nature: This is exactly what and where I gravitate to for all my creativity, balance and inspiration in life. To be surrounded by plants, trees, ocean, creeks and wildlife, 24 hours a day for five days straight is an amazing gift. I am blessed to be given this opportunity, to have the time to join the Climate Ride and really do look forward to what Mother Nature has to offer throughout this journey.
  2. The Sustainability Mission: The charitable Climate Ride brings awareness to how we can improve, promote and live a more sustainable life. There is no better event that touches the soul of my being than to do everything I can to bring mindfulness to our actions and its impact on our environment and the planet we inhabit. From educating our kids about the simple things we can do to help preserve our environment to long term effects of purchasing organic vs conventional food and products, its a subject that is dear to my heart. Living and promoting a green lifestyle is something I am passionate about, and was the impetus for launching Dhana Inc., to empower kids to connect with nature and the world, so they understand they are tomorrow's global ambassadors in achieving a more sustainable future. I'll be also fundraising on behalf of the 1% For The Planet team, one of the beneficiaries of the Climate Ride.
  3. Traveling the Planet: I've always enjoyed traveling as a young girl and continue to visit my family and friends around the world and share stories of my discoveries. More importantly, I enjoy learning about how different cultures are influenced by their natural environments including their music, food, art, fashion and festivals. The Climate Ride will bring me to places that I have not visited before, with the least amount of carbon footprint, while at the same time capturing amazing footage of history and surroundings. In my travels, I hope to share with the world the highlights of these places and conversations with my fellow Climate Riders.
  4. Like-minded People: During the Climate Ride, a 'green conference on wheels,' I'll be traveling, meeting and networking with more than 150 business people, social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, policy experts and everyday people who are passionateand working towards significant change for a sustainable future. This collective consciousness will bring together ideas, thoughts and opportunities that reflect the common "love for our sustainable future" and as a movement will provide a platform for positive energy and solutions. I cannot think of a more passionate group of people I would like to spend five days with camping and riding in unison.
  5. Fueling The Body: I have been an avid athlete for most of my life and yes, I do confess, I love challenging the body with vigorous exercise like running, tennis, backpacking and cycling. There is something about performance sports that gives me a mental high and provides that zone of "flow," which cannot be substituted by anything else (well maybe meditation). The Climate Ride has challenged me to utilize muscles, messaging and mindset for a great cause: sustainability. Training for this ride has allowed me to strengthen my core, build stamina, work on perseverance and connect with my being.

So my friends, what can I say? It's been a true joy ride!

The California Ride | Climate Ride.