At Dhana Inc., we have openly discussed the dangers of current fashion production trends, advocated for a revolution of the fashion industry, and exposed the harm of fast fashion practices. So we are thrilled to highlight Mysource, a new, sustainable fashion resource for businesses made available by our partners at the Ethical Fashion Forum. Mysource is an online B2B platform that matches fashion professionals with the connections and resources they need to grow successful and sustainable businesses. Mysource provides companies with the business resources and a network of dedicated fashion professionals they need to sustainably grow their fashion enterprises.

Mysource, Ethical Fashion Forum, Dhana Inc.

Mysource, Ethical Fashion Forum, Dhana Inc.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries, and millions of workers face dangerous working conditions and live in poverty. Global awareness of the need for adoption of sustainable practices in the fashion industry has only increased in the last few years in light of the 2013 Rana Plaza tragedy.

Mysource helps fashion professionals navigate extremely complex and risky supply chain problems; they help business owners ensure that they’re using businesses that provide fair work and sustainable livelihoods to workers, and understand and integrate best practices for the environment throughout their supply chains.

We embody those same principles in all of Dhana's production, so we couldn’t be happier to see so many fashion companies join us in the movement toward more sustainable practices in the industry.

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