Just ponder for a moment, a five-day vacation along some of the most breathtaking views on Earth. Pedaling down the California Coast, through the Avenue of the Giants under the canopy of redwoods, visiting some of the most sustainable establishments, meditating on the immense Beauty and indulging in conversations so riveting it excites the senses beyond belief! Yes, that's how I would characterize Climate Ridea soulful journey that promises to nourish the being!

It's not often that one gets an opportunity to marry physical activity, work, fun, philanthropyand combine it with nature and passionate people. Climate Ride is one such event that does just that and more. One of the highlights of Climate Ride is the people. One such person is Blake Holiday, Ride Director and someone that has been in love with the bicycle since he was a kid riding on his blue beach cruiser. To know Blake Holiday is to treasure wit and wisdom packaged with a bolt load of entertainment and fun factoids. Blake takes center stage with his ever-so-gentle nudge to get you going, psyched for the next day, leaving you wanting more. Yes, Blake is our cheerleader! In this video, Blake shares his highlights and the future of Climate Ride.

Curious about Climate Ride? It's not a race. It's a commitment. A commitment to do your very best. Climate Ride is for anyone who is remotely interested in the issues of climate change, sustainability and supporting a good cause. There are many of us who are willing and able to share our experiences including what it takes from a training perspective to bikes, food, logistics, equipment and morefeel free to reach out! Additionally, there are informational gatherings taking place all across the U.S.get connected!

I'm convinced if people got onto their bikes and gave events like Climate Ride a chance, we would have a more environmentally aware community. We'd get to know the incredible work being done to protect and preserve nature, we'd think twice about our connection to the planet, our contribution towards a sustainable future and we'd revisit the brands we choose from food to apparel in our everyday life.

After all, it's the simple things that lead to small steps and significant solutions. Pedal on!