"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" John Muir

What is it about nature that attracts and inspires us to be in awe of her magnificent beauty? Perhaps it's the mere fact that she provides us with the perfect symphony. Her ways are subtle yet transformative, gentle yet impactful, giving yet infinite in abundance.

Have you noticed, when we are truly in her presence, our senses are heightened, our spirit becomes alive and for a split second, we experience a strong connection with the life force?

Welcome to the essence of life and all creativity!

The Gift of Nature is one that we celebrate every day.

We hope this series about nature's gifts will give you insight into our world of inspiration. By sharing our insights, we hope you discover the many ways we believe that connecting our kids with nature will in fact move us toward a world of compassion, empathy and love for all life on Planet Earth.