There comes a point when you realize that there is simply more to life. There is higher cause, a bigger mission and a connected universe. In this realm, we become aware of our every action, our thoughts and the rippling effect it has on the immediate, the near future. It is at this stage in our awakening that we feel within our hearts that we are part of a whole and that our ability to respond to any situation can make a difference. With any opportunity, we have a choice to impact the future by paying it forwardwith our voice, deeds, actions and moneyand in doing so we invest in humanity and the circle of life.

Discovering the making of The True Cost documentary is no doubt one of those opportunities where I know we all can be part of a force that will shift the thinking related to the future of fashion. It is the start of a journey that will slowly unravel how we connect the dots between our choices as consumers and the material world; the resources we use in our daily lives and the impact on the people involved in creating the goods we take for granted. Ultimately, this project will take on a momentum as people pay it forward, and as stories are shared, solutions will be discussed and hope will be regained as we create a more sustainable future.

Filmmaker Andrew Morgan and I continue our conversation on this remarkable project that’s bringing awareness to the global scene of apparel, commerce and its impact on our children’s future.

Dhana: How will this documentary affect children all over the world?

Andrew: Our actions today are forming the future world our children will inherit tomorrow. This film is about the opportunity we have in this critical moment to alter the way we produce and consume clothing to create a better future for our children moving forward.

Dhana: What is your view on fast fashion?

Andrew: Fast fashion is the term used to describe a type of supply chain that in most cases rewards irresponsible behavior on the part of the brand as well as the consumer. The idea of the true cost, is that there is a greater price being paid by people and places around the world then we have acknowledged. When you begin down the path of understanding the true cost of an item, it begins to unravel a fascinating story and it raises a lot of new and needed questions. Those questions are at the heart of this film.

Dhana: What message would you like to share with kids as it relates to this documentary?

Andrew: When children look at the world they see it with a sense of limitless possibility. I hope that this film serves to ignite that hope filled desire to make this world the very best home it can be for this and future generations.

Dhana: Where are you finding inspiration for your work?

Andrew: I'm inspired by the many brave men and women who are giving their lives to this work. Every day I get to talk with these people from all over the world. There is something special happening in this moment; an entirely unprecedented shift is beginning to take place. That’s inspiring!

Dhana: We believe you are paying it forward with your filmdo you agree?

Andrew: I just feel so honored to tell this story. We are standing in a history defining moment here, the ground beneath us is shaking and change is truly underway.

It’s not very often we find an opportunity to align ourselves with a project that is making significant strides in the global community and poised to propel a global conversation. It’s true that we all have clothes as a common denominator and so perhaps just like technology and the web that’s allowing the convergence of shared thought; the threads of life will be celebrated by paying it forward.

Join the movement and pay it forward: The True Cost