Questions About Ethical Fashion? Ask the Director!

(Seriously. We'll make sure he gets them!)

Last November, we interviewed filmmaker Andrew Morgan about his documentary project, The True Cost, a film inspired by the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse on April 24, 2013. (You can read our interviews with Andrew here and here.)

The True Cost documentary is becoming a pivotal movement shedding light on the human and environmental costs associated with decreasing pricing in the clothing industry. In an honest exploration of the fashion industry, Andrew has interviewed top leaders from the international clothing industry, sharing their insights on this complex dilemma. In addition to these professionals, when the movie airs the audience will get to see the human side of the issue as he takes cameras around the world to capture the lives of garment workers and those affected by these issues every day.

Even before its debut, the film is already bringing awareness to the global scene of apparel, commerce and its impact on our children’s future. And now, you can add to that awareness by asking Andrew your most burning questions about the fashion industry, the fate of garment workers, and what we can do to make a difference.