Dhana Tribe PresentsCelebrating Our Global Connections to People and Planet
Today Dhana Inc. launches a series of guest blog posts by people who share their perspectives, travel adventures,and personal stories about their connection to the world. As we travel our journey in life, we get glimpses of our common thread among all cultures, our shared feelings about protecting our environment for our future generations and ultimately, our love of nature. Dhana’s mantra is We’re Wearin’ the World and just like these stories reflect how we connect with people and planet in life, our clothes also offers us the opportunity to celebrate our global connections.

We Are All Connected
By Ayelet Baron, Futurist, ayeletbaron.com

Last August I took a trip I never imagined taking and it all started when a dear friend sent me an email on my birthday to join her on a journey. When I first read the email, my response was, “Why would I go to the Amazon Rainforest right now?” I was busy establishing my new life as an entrepreneur, author and speaker. It was my birthday so I continued to celebrate with some amazing friends and put the email aside. A few days later, I read it again and started doing research about the trip. As I learned that this trip was bringing a group of women together to learn how women in the Achuar tribe in Ecuador was rising, and a new program called “Jungle Mamas” that was focused on maternal health, my skepticism turned into intrigue.

I had just published my thoughts about what’s your enough on the Huffington Post and in my research found that Lynne Twist, who was leading the journey, had similar thinking. Now I was more than intrigued. I decided to go and this trip has forever changed my life on so many levels.

When the small plane took off in Puyo to head to the jungle, I looked back and saw my old self waving goodbye. My intention was to leave my fears, worries and 20th century scarcity mindset that I had been condition to behind. As a futurist, my deep desire to shift us to a new mindset of adventure, possibilities, collaboration and community was taking form in ways I had never imagined. I had no idea how aligned this trip was with my life's works.

The small plane took us to a landing strip that took three years to clear and when you clear the forest, it simply turns into desert. We were greeted with excitement, especially since Lynne is so respected by the local community for her life’s work. We were now in the most bio-diverse ecosystem on the planet known as the lung of the forest and the adventure began. We were in nature and we also had the privilege to stay in an eco-lodge donated by a German matriarch and built by the local tribe. We shared the space and became a community with shared purpose. Sixteen women from all over the world, with different languages and cultures, came together to experience mother earth and the people who are protecting her for all of us.

In our Western world, we have separated ourselves from nature an each other for too long. It’s time for us to realize that what’s old is newcommunity, trust, relationships and loveand at the core of our humanity. This is the time to connect people with the planet and appreciate the simple beauty of nature and life. It’s time for a mindset of abundance in how we work and live. There is enough.

You can read more about my adventure and learning about "Taking What We Need: What I Learned from the Achuar People" here.