So much of what we do, say and think is not only a reflection of who we are, but also of how we perceive and connect with the world around us. I am often reminded of how reality intrudes into our beings and the lives we lead by the simple gestures of mother nature. We do not control much of what we experience. In fact, we are more at the mercy of how life unfolds, and the the invisible hand that works through our daily lives. However, what control we do have, we share a common ground with mankind. And so, it does matter when given a choice.

To experience life is to live life, with all its complexities, connections and color. To realize that we are a community, living in a world that shares a common purpose which is to "enjoy the ride" on this adventure called life! In the end, it is the experiences and the memories that will far outweigh the impact of the material during our last breath. These experiences will take the form of people we meet along the way, the memories of moments cherished so dearly, and the lasting impressions of time spent in nature and with loved ones.

We are the reflection of our choices and the experiences we encounter in this world.

We are connected through these experiences, and we are just like our neighbor, looking to live lifeWe're Wearin' the World!