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What’s World Fair Trade Month?

Overall, fair trade is a worldwide system designed to protect and empower the most marginalized groups, primarily small-scale farmers and producers, who are typically the most disadvantaged within the existing trade systems. Through better prices, good working conditions and fairer trade terms for these marginalized producers in developing countries, organizations like Dhana Inc.’s partner, Fairtrade America, continuously work to change the status quo and make trade fair. According to Fairtrade America's website, “Fair Trade Month is a national celebration of fair trade as a concrete contribution to the global fight against poverty, climate change and economic crises.”

How Does Dhana Make a Difference with Fairtrade?

Purchasing Fairtrade products grants farmers and workers more control over their lives. Dhana partners with Fairtrade America and Mandala Apparels to ensure that our clothing lines are produced ethically, and environmentally and socially responsibly. Dhana adheres to the rigorous certification standards of Fairtrade America, one of the most respected and established fair trade organizations in the world. We also partner with Mandala Apparels, a fairtrade certified factory, in Pondicherry, India, to ensure that the people who make our clothes are protected, empowered and able to support their families.

We encourage you to learn more about Fairtrade America's "Theory of Change" measurement system for evaluating the global impact of Fairtrade. Check out the resources available on the Fairtrade America website and discover for yourself how products that carry the FAIRTRADE Mark "represent a lasting commitment to making trade work for the most vulnerable producers.”

How Can You Support Fairtrade?

You have the power to make a difference by choosing Fairtrade products (like Dhana's) that change lives, a simple way to support the people growing and assembling the things we love to build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. Make October a month of conscious purchasing decisions and seek out products with the Fairtrade mark like the one pictured below. Check out Fairtrade America’s 12 ways to celebrate Fair Trade Month in 2015.