World Fairtrade Day

May 9th, Worldwide

We recognize the importance of honoring and rewarding the people whose work provides us with the goods and services we use in our daily lives. World Fairtrade Day is an opportunity to acknowledge and be conscious of the organizations that build ethical relationships. Our partners at Fairtrade International describe World Fair Trade Day as “a worldwide celebration of fair trade as a concrete contribution to the global fight against poverty, climate change and economic crisis.”

Fairtrade supports a sustainable livelihood for the world’s most vulnerable populations by empowering them to support themselves and invest in their communities.

That’s why here at Dhana, our newest addition to our fashion collection, the baby line, is Fairtrade Certified. To reward you, our customers, for your contribution in supporting a fairtrade economy, we’ll be offering 30% off our brand new Baby collection on May 9th in observance of World Fair Trade Day. Use coupon code: fairtrade.


Climate Ride

World Fair Trade Day always inspires us to consider our global connections. And what connection is more global than our planet itself? That is why our founder, Shamini Dhana, is participating in this year’s Climate Ride California, a cycling adventure that begins in California's historic Redwood Empire and wraps up in her hometown of San Francisco.

According to their website, Climate Ride California is “an inspiring journey with like-minded people who are united by their passion for sustainability, renewable energy, and bicycles - the ultimate carbon-free form of transportation.”

This month, May 17th – 21st, marks Shamini’s 3rd Climate Ride. Read more about or donate to her efforts to bring awareness to climate change, sustainability and bike advocacy all on behalf of Planet Earth on her Climate Ride page site.