Shamini & Dhana Inc.

Dhana Inc. is an ethical fashion brand committed to using clothing to better connect people and our planet.

Dhana believes apparel is an extension and reflection of one’s values, community and outlook on life and therefore ought to be influenced by and made with respect for global cultures and materials. Since 2008, Shamini has been a leader in sustainable apparel. Dhana uses 100% organic cotton fabric and low-impact dyes for the designs.  

As a business, Dhana adopts fair trade, ethical and sustainable principles throughout its supply chain. From production partners in India, to headquarters in Sausalito, California, Shamini works closely with communities to celebrate and promote a more sustainable lifestyle on a global scale. Dhana is a Certified B Corporation, partners with leaders in ethical fashion such as the Organic Trade Association, Fairtrade International and Ethical Fashion Forum. Dhana also supports the communities we serve through sponsorships of nonprofits including Climate Ride and the Brower Youth Awards.



Certified B Corporation

Green America, Certified Business

Fairtrade, Certified Cotton